A review of Clickbank Wealth Formula

In July of 2010 Anik Singal and Saj P released Clickbank Wealth Formula which promised to show people the simple way to make enormous incomes online by learning affiliate marketing.

This is the basic formula :

Choose one of the thousands of Clickbank products. Funnel folks to a landing page where they subscribe Send emails that push offers to customers

It all sounded far too straightforward, CWF wasn’t what it guaranteed to be, there were a lot of grumbles and it was withdrawn. Many unsuspecting folk dropped for all of the hype because the product was well promoted beforehand but when it was launched it did not live up to expectancies.

Unfortunately many individuals who bought Clickbank Wealth Formula lost their money if they didn’t ask for a repayment. Clickbank is excellent at giving refunds within 60 days, but folk had spent a gigantic period of time and further money making an attempt to implement this program, which they could never get back. Because this poor-quality product disappointed so many newcomers to web marketing they were so disgusted they gave up on affiliate marketing and never tried again.

It’s not simply the unlucky buyers who suffer when they buy poor-quality products such as Clickbank Wealth Formula. Many respected affiliate marketers and joint venture partners lose their reps and can suffer financially by unwittingly promoting such bad products. They too lose lots of time and cash because to push a product they write content, reviews and very often compile their own bonuses that go along with the product. This is a sure way for any affiliate marketer in these circumstances to lose face, their subscribers who trusted their judgment become dubious about these affiliate marketers’ reputes. They advocated something that was worthless. Just by promoting it their reputation goes south with the crappy product.

Who is Anik Singal the Originator of Clickbank Wealth Formula?

Mr.Singal had a good rep up to the point where Clickbank Wealth Formula was released, and had released many successful products to the marketplace. His best-known product is probably Associate Study room which was a course that many affiliates took on the internet. Associate School room taught noobies to affiliate marketing the fundamentals, all of the way up to the method of implementing SEO, understanding how to track PPC advertising, right through to understanding how to optimize conversions so they could see major returns.

Anik’s success was rewarded by being named as one of Business Week’s top entrepreneurs for the year 2008. He’s always fast to inform folks even today that he is made $16 million online in the affiliate internet marketing world and that includes offering teaching and training to others so they also could make money on the web. There were masses of critical reviews about Clickbank Wealth Formula. This seemed wholly out of personality for Anik. Here are a couple of those reviews :

“I bought Clickbank Wealth Formula and I’ve been having a look at it. The product appears to be okay as Anik shows the methods by which he makes money. What makes me insane is it does not live up to any of the claims in the sales letters and there is a ton of mis-truths, the sales hype tells you things that are not delivered in the software.”

“After all the hype I’m disappointed with Clickbank Wealth Formula it is not what I was expecting. The standard of the training videos is terrible and pathetic. They should have included more examples and some templates. He rattles on about the seriousness of capture pages but shows no examples. If he’d done that I suspect this program would have been more valuable. If you need to try it yourself, beware. The product is a huge letdown after all of the build up.”

“I just got CBW and I am really going to be asking for my cash back. I am new to internet marketing and I was expecting to be shown how to make a profitable web site, that’s what the sales letter declared. That advertising letter further said it might show you everything but when you get into the program they tell you they’re not going to show you any of the complicated stuff and I don’t have the cash to spend having somebody else do it for me which is what they suggest. I don’t even know whereabouts to find the best folks to outsource to!”.

“I just bought Clickbank Wealth Formula. I wanted to give it leading marks due to the fact of Anik’s reputation. I doubt if I could get above giving it 1 star. The videos are terrible top quality and so small you could hardly see anything in them and also the sound levels change all of the time from video to video. I don’t even think that Anik made these videos himself as they’re all sorts of individuals teaching the distinct sections.”

Clickbank Wealth Formula – a Summary

Goods including CBW appear online all the time, they’re hyped-up, released, talked about for a few weeks and then they disappear and this really is precisely what this has completed. Saj and Anik were barraged with negative reviews and requests for refunds. Thankfully they pulled it so nobody else will fall for the hype and waste their time and income. Even the domain name has disappeared. Let’s hope they get the subsequent one proper!

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