Article Writing Tips: How To Write Utterly Unique Articles

This article writing tip will help you to write great articles because you will come up with fresh content based on ideas that you have thought up. It is fairly simple to come up with ideas when you know how to do it. Essentially, idea generation can be broken down into two stages: first find the ideas and then choose the best one.

Tapping Your Hidden Genius For Ideas

Discovering new ideas is as simple as using one or more of the following techniques: writing a journal, doing free writing, making a cluster, drawing up a list, imagining a dialogues, or reflecting on an idea you have read or heard about.

Journal writing is keeping a journal about your memories, feelings, and reflections. Through regular journal writing, you will create numerous ideas about the things that interest you. Thumbing through your journal, pick an idea that you would like to expand on in an article.

Free writing is basically stream-of-consciousness writing. For 10 minutes straight, without pausing to think, write whatever comes into your mind.

Clustering is a technique that involves the use of pen and paper. Begin by writing down a key idea, using a single word to describe it. Circle this word and write another word that is somehow related to the first idea. Encircle this word and write another word related to this second idea. Carry on, either creating ideas from the main word or from words related to it.

Listing is similar to brainstorming. Start by writing down an idea and then list any other ideas that come to mind. List ideas related to either your main starting idea or those related to your new ideas.

Imaginary dialogue is writing a dialogue between two fictional characters discussing an idea. You can have one person ask questions while the other answers it. You can also have a stimulus-response type of dialogue where the conversation is more free-flowing and perhaps even an argument.

Questioning is coming up with a list of questions that you can ask yourself. One way of doing this is to begin your question with Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Reflecting on something you have read or heard either recently or in the past will stimulate new ideas. Once you’ve mulled over ideas that you find interesting, then expand on them by doing some research. Using this method, it is easy to come up with ideas that will make a great article.

Choosing Your Best Ideas

Using these methods you will undoubtedly come up with numerous ideas. Your next task is to narrow down your search until you find the idea that appeals to you the most.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Review all your ideas and underline the ones you like the best.

2. Choose an idea that you have some expertise on or one that lends itself to some interesting research.

3. Now that you have decided on your idea, make a plan on how to express it. This plan will include finding the best keywords, the most suitable structure and the best place to publish it.

4. Bounce your ideas on other people and see what they think. This will give you more ideas about your idea!

By using this article writing tip, your content will be refreshing, improving your readership.

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