Smart Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin Review

With Smart Affiliate Links you can now track your seo organic keywords. This is why this plugin is essential and will give you a massive advantage over other affiliates who do not know what their converting keywords are and are flying blind.

Smart Affiliate Links is a WordPress Plugin that allows affiliate marketers to really capitalize on their affiliate marketing campaign.

Chris cites some of the reasons why affiliate marketers tend to fail, such as not being able to get enough traffic to your website.

Smart Affiliate Links gives you invaluable data such as which keywords are leading to the most sales.

To win the affiliate marketing game it really comes down to knowing which keywords are making you money and which are wasting your time.

The second reason why I like this tool is because it also gives you a really nice looking link. If you are just using the naked affiliate link then this can be really long and off putting.

All of this information can tell you exactly how effective your CTA (call to action) is, where your buyers are located geographically.

You can also “tag” affiliate links that will track where your link was clicked (i.e. you’ll be able to tell if they clicked on it from a landing page, or a banner ad, or a blog post, etc).

All this information really helps you get the information that will help you find a winning campaign. This is the difference that can make the difference.

The good thing about many top products is the ability to try it out under a guarantee which means it takes away the risk on your part.

To sum up. As an affiliate you really need to know which keywords are making you the sales and which are wasting your time.

This is why this plugin is part of my websites to help me know where my sales are coming from. If you would like to see a full tutorial of how it works in action, see below.

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