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What’s To Come – The Secrets on the .Net

Internet s Now OpenSo here is what is in store over the next few weeks… lots of secrets unmasked and questions answered some are “secrets” that I’ve found on the ‘Net (wonderful out of the way places or websites that have some interesting use) and some are not-so-secret but you readers and subscribers may just not have heard of them yet.

  • The top ten unheard of social media websites… be heard, post things, learn things and such.

  • Some AMAZING online tools and software that I’ve found hidden in the corners of the web.
  • Some Apps for your iPhone or Smartphone that you really should look in to, but have never heard of before
  • and much, much more…

There will also be a veritable plethora of guest posts that you can check out. Experts in all sorts of fields from search engine optimization to marketing online for brick and mortar businesses to just how to start making a living doing internet marketing.

So “stay tuned”, pop in from time to time… or better yet, grab the RSS feed so you don’t miss out on anything.


Welcome to my

computer on deskThere are a lot of SecretsOnThe.Net…  aren’t there?

Yes, many secrets about making money, creating a home business, getting wealthy working only hours a day and dumping your 9-5 type JOB so you can stay home and earn a living amongst many, many other secrets.

Well you’ve come to a spot that may just shed some light on some of those so called “secrets”.

I’ve been an internet marketer “wanna be” for almost 10 yrs now and researched, procrastinated, spent tons of money and have been scammed or at least had my naiveté taken advantage of almost too many times to think about.

I recently was “terminated” from my position as administrator of a sports facility and now have both the opportunity AND motivation to make this work.

So, thanks to some bald-headed, narrow minded, pompous ass off a new manager (that happened to be 10 yrs my junior!) I now have the enviable position of Chief Guinea Pig and Court Tester who will be checking out several new programs that I’ll purchase, test, follow their instructions and then report back to you as to what did or did NOT work.

Stay tuned…
… many interesting posts to come!

Alex Levin

Alex Levin is Director of Apps and Strategy at Personal Inc. In the past he has held positions that include Partner Development & Developer Relations and Director, Strategy & Developer Network. He has also worked  for Thomson Reuters where he worked with executives to identify patterns and problems internally and find creative solutions and Managed the team responsible for Thomson Reuters Messenger (115K active users in financial services), and set product roadmap for new collaboration products. He has also worked for Global Emergency Group where he Supported NGOs, governments and corporations with disaster preparedness and disaster response. He currently works at BrandYourself to facilitate partnerships. Alex Levin attended Harvard University with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. 

A Guide To Domain Name Registration Services

If you have a business, then you would not name it the same as another business. It may sound similar but something the name would be different. That is because your business name would be registered, therefore other business owners could not use your same name. The same rule is also applied to websites. No two websites can have the same domain. The domain is what someone trying to visit your site enters in the web address to get there. Simple names will be easier to find, than those that are long. In order to get a domain, you will have to do a domain registration. There are many web hosting companies like Midphase, that offer domain name registration services. You can click here to find out more about hosting a domain with a hosting provider like Midphase.

The prices for domain name registration services will vary from one company to the next. Keep in mind that easier, or popular names will most likely cost more. Longer names on a web address, or those that include special characters like a hyphen will be more affordable. In order to do a domain name registration, you can go on a site that offers this type of service. There they will have a place where you can type in the domain name you want. The name would then be checked against the DNS.

DNS stands for domain name system. It is the registrar for all of the website addresses. Therefore if the name you chose is already taken, it will be on there. If it is not found on there, then it will be available for purchase. When you do a domain name registration, it does not mean it will always belong to you. It means it will be yours for a certain period of time, depending on what you pay for. The length of time can be for several months, a year, or even several years. It is more like renting the domain, rather than a purchase. At the end of that length of time, if you do not renew the domain registration services, then it can be opened for the public again. That means that anyone can purchase it once yours has expired.

That is why you want to make sure you are aware of when your domain registration expires, so that you can renew it with reasonable time. Some great companies where you can do the domain name registration are through the company where you obtained your website hosting services from. You can learn more about domain name registration services by visiting a web host like Midphase or by visiting a domain registrar.

The Quality of Service you get with a India SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way by which you can get your business to be seen online. There is a maze of websites out there. One better than the other and competition is tough. The last thing you want is to be lost in the crowd.

This will directly imply that your business online does not make any profit. Well, it is of utmost importance that you apply all the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Those that will help your business and will give your business an online presence. To achieve this it is of utmost importance that you select the right SEO company noida to do the job.

Know more about SEO Service Noida

Don’t Get Scammed Online

You probably like to think you’ll never get scammed, and in the harshest form of the words scammed, such as being ripped off or your wallet stolen hopefully it never happens. However, I do believe that more then just a few of us will fall victim to buying something we believe is a great idea, or an awesome product only to realize that this just isn’t so once we get the product home.

So how can you avoid getting scammed by a poor quality product? Well the best way I know of is to seek out reviews and comments on the product in question prior to ordering.

For example, take a look at these reviews of the Flex Belt. This site provides consumers with the positive and negative aspects of this product. You can still make your own decision about whether you want to buy it or not, but the site suggests who should bother with it or not.

While you can’t always find a blog focussed entirely around a brand or product name you can usually find at least a few consumer reviews on forums, social media sites (don’t forget to search twitter for tweets about products and brands) as well as YouTube for owners who have made videos outlining a particular product.

Spending a bit of time before you order a product or service can uncover some excellent information you may not be aware of. It can save you serious time and money, especially if the product turns out to be not as great as you may have initially thought or hoped it would be.

Make a Good Impression with a Professional Financial Services Website Design

If you are a financial advisor, it is extremely important that you make a favorable first impression with all of your clients. After all, you are asking them to trust you with their financial resources, and in exchange for that confidence they must be able to see credible evidence that you have the cutting edge technology and ability to help them achieve their financial goals. However, it is certainly understandable that designing a technologically advanced website that can provide stunning graphics and video is not your particular specialty. Fortunately, you can turn to the professional services of Advisors Gateway to provide you with an impressive web 2.0 financial services website design that is sure to deliver a powerful impact and exceptional first impression of you and your services.

Today’s consumers are extremely savvy when it comes to the internet and technology. They expect to see a certain level of cutting edge technology when working with a professional, such as a financial advisor. There was a time, not so long ago, when maintaining an office presence was all that customers expected from their financial advisor; however, today, this simply is not the case. For one thing, when you are a financial advisor and you lack an internet presence, it gives prospective clients the distinct impression that you are not keeping up with the times. Obviously, that is the very last thing you want clients to think about you and your business.

You can certainly maintain a physical office location, but providing a professionally designed website can help encourage additional clients to explore what you have to offer. Additionally, many of today’s prospective clients will want to be able to access information at their convenience. Fortunately, you will be able to make use of a variety of financial advisor website templates to help you create a personalized website that is perfect for you and your business. Advisors Gateway offers everything you need in order to move your business to the next level. With professionally designed websites that are sure to create a favorable impression, you can be proud of the services you offer. 

Look In Miami When You Need To Get A Certification

When it comes to obtaining a coaching certification in Miami, you are definitely going to need to find a place in Miami where you can find out about these classes. You will definitely need to take the classes and pass them in order to receive an email files to dropbox There are many things that you can take advantage of if you want to learn a little bit about this certification. Google docs sync is available if you are thinking about trying something a little bit different. These certificates come in handy when you need them the most. They can definitely help you to obtain some type of coaching job in the area if you are interested.

There are different time frames that it will take in order to for you to obtain this certificate. You just need to make sure that you do some research and weigh out all of your options so you can find the best class for you. You need to find out how long it is going to take you to actually obtain such a certificate. The time frames will differ as well. If you are thinking about taking them, you need to also make sure that you are aware of the pricing for this type of certification. If you want to be some type of executive coach, then you can make use of this wonderful opportunity by becoming certified. 
It all will pay off in the end. Miami has many opportunities for those that are interested in trying something out a bit different. If you are in need of a certificate for an executive coach, then you need to rely on your sources so you can find out the best option and take it from there. They can help you meet all of your goals when you need them the most. A simple certificate can land you all type of jobs. Many employers will look for experience, so you may want to try and lean more towards those jobs that are seen as just entry level jobs more than anything else if you want to begin work right away.

Why You Should Invest in the Assistance of IT Support

For years, San Diego has been home to a variety of IT support companies.  Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize just how beneficial these services can be to them.  Most often, businesses don’t understand why this form of support is necessary due to the fact that they’ve been able to exist without these services and figure they’re better off without the additional cost.

However, there are two basic reasons why having the support of knowledgeable and experienced consultants could be of great assistance to any business.

Two Major Benefits of IT Services

1.   IT support can help your business to minimize any downtime.

It is a fact that if any business’s services are interrupted or stopped for any period of time, the company is likely to lose out on money and even clientele.  Any length of downtime has the potential to cause loyal customers to lose faith in the services your company provides, which can ultimately lead to a loss of revenue and the potential to gain new clients. 

Maintaining your reputation as a reliable service provider is key.  While the majority of the populace is generally understanding of the fact that issues can pop and short periods of downtime can happen, they are typically far less tolerant of persistent issues and extended periods of downtown.  The assistance of IT support San Diego can help to minimize any issues your business may experience and help prevent any downtime.

2.   Maximize your profits and the efficiency of your business.

The support of qualified technicians has the ability to greatly increase your company’s efficiency which in turn can further increase your profits.  Having IT support at your fingertips provides your employees with the additional resources they would need to quickly resolve any technical issues so that they can focus on what they’ve actually been hired to do.  Having a support team available to you, will help your staff to work in a more productive manner without ever having to be concerned with technological difficulties.  With increased productivity and more efficient operations, it’s safe to say that your business is likely to grow more profitable. 

To find out more information on the benefits of a quality San Diego IT support company, get in touch with Network Titan today.  Network Titan is home to an experienced team of certified consultants ready to assist you with any and all of your IT needs.  Visit their website or contact them at 1-877-827-2955.

Getting Booklets And Fliers Printed Out Is A Great Idea

Choosing booklet printing Chicago for all of your printing needs is going to be a great idea. This is true even if you are only spending a short amount of time in the city and need to have something printed out before you leave. The people in Chicago are used to a very fast paced life and so the businesses have had to match themselves to that. Nothing is better than being able to go and print out a ton of booklets that you need to an important meeting or event and having them done only an hour or two later. This is one of the great things that you can always except from booklet printing Chicago, as well as any other printing places nearby. 

Although it is vital to be sure that you have a rough draft of the booklet that you need printed, you can always email the file to the company to get a price estimate and quote to check out how much you are going to be paying. It is always good to do this in case you have to pay hidden fees or taxes that you were not expecting. 
Flyer printing Phoenix is also great for you to be sure to check out if you are in that area. Fliers are something that many people forget can be printed multiple to a sheet. Instead of printing a flyer on only one sheet a person needs to instead focus on printing three or four fliers per page. This will make it so that you are getting more product for the same price as you would get if having a one page flyer, but also because you need to be sure that you do not have to worry about not having enough flyers. Flyer printing Phoenix is great also because it will allow you to print out flyers in many different colored papers. This is great to be able to get people’s attention. As most people program themselves that white is what thing are printed on, any other color that is vibrant and catchy will help you to be sure that they notice your flyers above all of the others. This is also nice when handing out fliers for a new shop that you have.