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What’s To Come – The Secrets on the .Net

Internet s Now OpenSo here is what is in store over the next few weeks… lots of secrets unmasked and questions answered some are “secrets” that I’ve found on the ‘Net (wonderful out of the way places or websites that have some interesting use) and some are not-so-secret but you readers and subscribers may just not have heard of them yet.

  • The top ten unheard of social media websites… be heard, post things, learn things and such.

  • Some AMAZING online tools and software that I’ve found hidden in the corners of the web.
  • Some Apps for your iPhone or Smartphone that you really should look in to, but have never heard of before
  • and much, much more…

There will also be a veritable plethora of guest posts that you can check out. Experts in all sorts of fields from search engine optimization to marketing online for brick and mortar businesses to just how to start making a living doing internet marketing.

So “stay tuned”, pop in from time to time… or better yet, grab the RSS feed so you don’t miss out on anything.


Welcome to my

computer on deskThere are a lot of SecretsOnThe.Net…  aren’t there?

Yes, many secrets about making money, creating a home business, getting wealthy working only hours a day and dumping your 9-5 type JOB so you can stay home and earn a living amongst many, many other secrets.

Well you’ve come to a spot that may just shed some light on some of those so called “secrets”.

I’ve been an internet marketer “wanna be” for almost 10 yrs now and researched, procrastinated, spent tons of money and have been scammed or at least had my naiveté taken advantage of almost too many times to think about.

I recently was “terminated” from my position as administrator of a sports facility and now have both the opportunity AND motivation to make this work.

So, thanks to some bald-headed, narrow minded, pompous ass off a new manager (that happened to be 10 yrs my junior!) I now have the enviable position of Chief Guinea Pig and Court Tester who will be checking out several new programs that I’ll purchase, test, follow their instructions and then report back to you as to what did or did NOT work.

Stay tuned…
… many interesting posts to come!